Psalm 56:12 I am bound by my vows to you, O God. I will keep my vows by offering songs of thanksgiving to you.

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Read or listen to Lord of the World by Msgr. H. Benson again.
-Described by Fulton Sheen as one of the three greatest depictions of the advent of the demonic in world literature, Lord of the World is science fiction with a difference. The West has succumbed to a sort of international socialism. The forces of secular materialism, relativism and state control are everywhere triumphant. Protestantism is no more, and Catholicism – which had made some major advances in the first half of the twentieth century – has been devastated by the development of new psychologies and the exodus of intellectuals in the wake of an Ecumenical Council. Euthanasia has become an instrument of the state, Esperanto the universal second language.
Nevertheless, although organised religion has largely collapsed in the face of institutional secularism, a vague, humanistic religiosity – militantly hostile to the exclusive and supernatural claims of the Church – is present everywhere. Finally, the East, which has amalgamated into a single, pantheistic bloc, continues to pose a military threat. Enter Julian Felsenberg – diplomat, scholar, guru, Antichrist… and sonitus sanctus (
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2008 Lenten Mission (Part 1): Recognizing the Signs of the Times
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2008 Lenten Mission, Conference 2
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2008 Lenten Mission, Conference 3
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2008 Lenten Mission, Conference 4
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The Liturgical Hermeneutic: Reading the Bible from the Heart of the Church Dr. Scott Hahn Founder and President St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Homily Air Maria – 8April 2008
“Jesus’ resurrected glory is hidden in His Real and True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament”


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