Who would not, in return, love one so loving?

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For to this end was Thy side pierced,
that an entry might be open unto us.
To this end was Thy Heart wounded,
that in it we might be able to dwell secure from alarms from without.

And it was wounded none the less on this account that,
because of the visible wound. we may perceive the wound of love which is invisible.
How could this fire of love better shine forth than for Him to permit that not only his Body, but that even His Heart, should be wounded with the spear?

Who would not love that Heart so wounded?
Who would not, in return, love one Who is so loving?
Who would not embrace one so chaste?
Wherefore let us who are in the flesh love in return,
as much as we can,
Him Who so loveth,
embrace our wounded one,

Whose hands and feet, side and Heart, have been pierced by wicked children;
and let us pray that He may deign to bind our hearts,
still hard and impenitent,
with the chain of His love,
and wound them with the dart thereof.


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