Saint Ephrem, Doctor of the Church: Hymn on the Holy Trinity

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The Most Holy Trinity, solemnity

Today the Church celebrates : St. John I
Saint Ephrem (c.306-373), Deacon in Syria, Doctor of the Church Hymn on the Trinity

«One only God, one only Lord, in the Trinity of their persons and unity of their nature» (Preface)
Refrain: Blessed be He who sends you!

Take as your symbols, the sun for the Father,light for the Son,heat for the Holy Spirit.Though he is only one in beingwe see him in trinity.Who, indeed, can grasp the inexplicable?He who is unique is also multiple: one is formed of threeand three of one –What great mystery! What manifest wonder!The sun is distinct from its shiningeven though joined to it;its ray is also sun.Yet no one speaks of two sunseven though, here below,the ray is also sun.No more do we say there would be two Gods.Our Lord himself, is he not God?,he, too, is raised above all creaturesWho can show how or wherethe sun’s ray and its heat are joined,free as they are?Neither separated nor confused,united and yet distinct,free but bound: O wonder!Who, by studying them, can master them?Yet do they not seemso simple, so uncomplicated?…Whereas the sun remains whole above,its brilliance and heat are a clear symbolfor those of us below.Indeed, its shining has come down to earthand remains in our sightas if covering our flesh.When our eyes close like those of the dead at the time of sleeping, it leaves themwho will later be awakened.But how light penetrates the eyeno one knows.Even so was it with Our Lord in the womb…Even so our Saviourput on a human body in all its weaknessthat he might come to sanctify the world.Yet, when the sun’s ray returns to its source,it has still not been separatedfrom the one who gave it birth.It leaves its heat to those belowas Our Lord left the Holy Spiritto the disciples.Consider these images within the created world;as to the Three, allow yourself no doubtlest you be lost!I have clarified for you what was obscure:how the Three form but One,Trinity composing one single essence!


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