Saint Aphraates(?-c345)Monk and Bishop at Nineveh, near Mosul in present day Iraq

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Expositions no.1 (SC 349, p.210 rev.)

“No one can lay a foundation other than
the one that is there, namely, Jesus Christ” (1Cor 3,11)

Kings do not live in houses empty of goods;
it is not there that they make their home.
But a complete furnishing of his house is demanded
by the king in such a way that he lacks nothing…

It is the same with the man who has become
a dwelling place for Christ, the Messiah:
he supplies what is fitting for the service of
the Messiah who dwells within him
and for those things that will give him pleasure.

And so, the first thing he does is
construct his building on rock,
namely the Messiah himself.

On this rock is set faith
and the whole building rises on top of this faith.
So that the house may become
a place where he can live,
a pure fast is asked of him, founded on faith.
Pure prayer is asked of him, received in faith.
Love is necessary to him, set up on faith.
Then, too, he must offer alms, given with faith.
Let him ask for humility, loved with faith.
Let him take to himself virginity, cherished in faith.
Let him bring into his house holiness, planted on faith.
And let him also meditate on wisdom, discovered in faith.

Let him also ask for himself the condition of a stranger,
whose worth is in faith.
He will need simplicity, mixed with faith.
And let him also ask for patience, fulfilled in faith.
Through his gentleness may he acquire insight,
which is gained through faith.
May he love repentance, which manifests itself to faith.
And let him also ask for purity, kept through faith…

Behold, these are the works the Messiah King asks for,
who dwells within those who build themselves up
by such works as these.

Indeed, faith is composed of things
and adorns itself in many colours,
for it is like a building constructed with numerous materials
whose edifice rises up on high…

So it is with our faith: its foundation is the true rock,
our Lord Jesus, the Messiah…

This foundation forms the base of the whole structure.
If anyone attains faith, that person is set on rock,
namely our Lord Jesus, the Messiah.
And his building will not be overcome by floods
nor endangered by winds;
it will not fall in tempests
since this building stands on rock,
the true foundation.

Thanks to
9th Sunday Ord. Time


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