Your eyes are not to be fixed in what you have left but in what you have been given…

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Reflection of Mother Adela to Seminarians at
S. John Maria Vianney, Archdiocese of Miami
January 20-2006

I would like to tell you: “Be not afraid”.
Fear is caused, many times, by understanding the measure,
the height, the depth of the vocation and gift you have received
and also the measure of the response which the gift demands.

Do not be afraid!
1. To leave everything for Christ and to generously embrace the vocation you have received.A vocation is a mystery of divine election, of God́s call to your heart.. to you, personally.. He has called you by name, He chose you from among many : “ You did not choose me, but I chose you” (Jn 15,16).

This election needs to be pondered in your hearts… you have been chosen by God to a personal, intimate relationship with him and participation in His priestly heart, life and mission.

Your vocation is not an accident, something that you can take lightly or superficially, because as the Lord says in Jer 1,5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you”

Why have you been chosen? I do not know… and you do not either. It is part of the mystery of love.

Love, as Pope Benedict said in Cologne, “ knows no why, it is a free gift to which one responds with the gift of self”.

You have been given a gift of love, to which you can only respond with the totality of your love. Jesus has invited you to leave everything in order to follow him more closely. One day you heard the voice of Christ in your heart telling you: follow me and leave everything for me. It is a call to renounce other options in life and to chose this path of closeness and intimacy with Him, but it is not an empty renunciation.. It is a call to leave something good for something greater, for a life in which you will find complete personal fulfillment, a life in which your human and spiritual potentials will be expanded for the service of the kingdom of God and for the good of humanity.

JPII asked seminarians and priests in his book “gift and mystery”: “ Could there be any greater fulfillment than to one day be able to re-present everyday in persona Christi, the redemptive sacrifice of the Cross? Could there be any greater human accomplishment than to become fully identified with Christ, the God-made man, and to become ministers of the priesthood of Christ?”

What a great calling you have received!Yes, you are called to leave everything but to gain it all. To lose your life as to find it… to give it all to receive the All. You have to responsibly and maturely know what you are renouncing, thus you can truly embrace a life style that represents clearly what you have left behind, but at the same time you must maturely and visibly represent the life that you have found.

Your eyes are not to be fixed in what you left but in what you have been given-…
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