Priesthood is not a lonely life –

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Fr. Ed in Cleveland writes a great piece on the percieved loneliness of the priesthood versus what it is really like.

First, does anyone knowingly choose to be lonely? Honestly, who in their right mind would do that? Answer: No one! Therefore, how could anyone logically presuppose that some one is going to be lonely or would choose a lifestyle of loneliness? In what set of circumstances would choosing a ‘lonely lifestyle’ make sense?Sidebar: Answering the call to priesthood is a choice, not a force of the hand or twist of the arm. Somehow over the years answering the call has become equated with being forced to do something against one’s will for the Lord. In response to this somewhat pervasive negative view on answering the call, I have two words: not true!

Second, how does anyone know what makes another person happy? Again, I don’t mean to be mean or condescending but an honest gut reaction I have is: “Who are you to say what makes me happy?” For when one says, ‘you will be lonely and unhappy,’ presupposes the one making the statement knows what will make the person whom he/she is talking about, happy or unhappy and quite frankly, how could anyone presuppose to know this of another person?

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