The Wounds of the Church, Intercessory Prayer and the lessons of Mary at Cana

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Pope Leo XIII

During His private life on earth He (Jesus Christ) associated her (Mary) with Himself in each of His first two miracles: the miracle of grace, when, at the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in the womb of Elizabeth; the miracle of nature, when He turned water into wine at the marriage – feast of Cana. And, at the supreme moment of His public life, when sealing the New Testament in His precious Blood, He committed her to his beloved Apostle in those sweet words, “Behold, thy Mother!” (John xix., 27).


Yesterday at Adoration
I had thoughts of the Wedding Feast at Cana and
of lessons of intercession from considering the
Heart of the Mother of God,
Mother of the Church.

They have no wine.

Our hearts do not have the grace of clarity of
perception of the needs of others. We may
think we see clearly, but we should learn humilty in perception.
That being said, if we come with that understanding
to Mary with our hope and desire to love
and assist with intercessory
prayer we can be at peace and know
she will purify and correct our offering.

Her Mother’s Heart perceived the needs in all
concerned- in fact she anticipated the need before a crisis
became apparent to all, minimizing the humilation
which may have resulted otherwise.
Jesus relies on her loving perception
of the needs of the many souls He loves.
(I take thee for my all, O Mary give me your heart!)

She confidently expressed the need to Jesus,
knowing His loving Heart already carried the needs of all,
as her Heart listens always to the echos of the Sacred Heart.
Jesus delighted in the loving concern
and confidence of His Mother’s Heart,
delighted also in answering it with an abundance of love
and at the great price of His Precious Blood.

Do whatever He tells you.

These words come from Mary’s lip’s and Heart and so they come
from Holy Mother Church as the condition for receiving
the outpouring of love and mercy of God in all our needs.

Divine Mercy teaches us to trust that what God gives us is the very best always and everywhere.
This cannot be understood apart from the Mystery of the Cross.
Only grace can enable us to see as God sees the paschal mystery at work in our world, in our lives and in ourselves. Your Divine Will is Love and Mercy itself. Jesus, I trust in You.

Efforts to teach us how the Mass becomes our life, and how to live our faith, how to “live the Eucharist” which are not taught in the context of the paschal mystery do not mean anything to us when we experience suffering– either our own or the suffering of others. Corporal works of mercy and spiritual works of mercy must be based on love of God, compassion for others which is shared suffering with the hope of the meaning given to the suffering by the paschal mystery.

God wills to give us all we need. A lot of our work needs to be removing obstacles to it and growing in desiring what God desires in every aspect of life. Our Mother the Church takes us by the hand in her wisdom to enable us to do what He tells us. She also teaches us that God’s ways are not man’s ways. God is love and we do not know love until God reveals His love for us. Works of mercy reveal God’s Face of Love in this suffering world.

When we are uncertain exactly what He is asking of us we should interiorly place ourselves in the position of asking Him to tell us, with contrition, love and confidence and ready to obey His expressed Will with His grace enabling us . That means first of all obedience to the truths of the Faith and the Holy Father.

We should remain in this position interiorly and return to it whenever anything (usually sin or dissipation) pulls us out of it. This a listening posture of heart, which Mary will also teach us. This is a beautiful way of living each moment. Under His wings you find refuge.

The response of Jesus’ Heart was abundance of love, grace and mercy through Mary’s intercession. Can it ever be anything less? Certainly not!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!


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