Would We Take a Bullet to Save the Priest Who Saves the Life of Our Soul?

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Defend our Priests

(excerpt) the thought occurred to me: would I give up my life for these priests? Fr. E., Fr. V., Fr. B., Fr. P., our Bishops – no brainer – of course! No, this is not what the thought was asking, but rather, would I willingly, freely, give up my life for ANY priest? Not necessarily the ones whom everyone likes and gets along with, but any who have made my life & faith challenging. The one who was accused of a heinous crime; the one who has had difficulty living the faith; the one who ___________ (you fill in the blank).

Would I fight for these priests? Would I willingly, freely,defend my faith and defend these priests?Wow! For those who have offered their very lives for my soul – how much would I defend them?


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