We must know that God regards our purity of heart and tears of compunction, not our many words. Rule of St Benedict

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The present day of 1000 years old Tyniec …
Our community lasts for almost 1000 years. During all these years, the steady and quiet monastic life, prayer, labor and perpetual facing up to the challenges of contemporary times – all are interwoven in the very fabric of our destination. Read about:
How do a day in monastery is organized?
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What activities do we carry on?

Personal prayer manifests itself in St. Benedict as a response to a liturgy, which has just ended, or as a result of an emerging inspiration, call of the heart. St Benedict is completely indifferent as to the method of prayer, he only enjoins the correct attitude: ‘let him pray not loudly, but with tears and from the depths of his heart‘. The Benedictine method of simple prayer was very aptly expressed by John Chapman OSB ‘Pray in the way that you are able to, do not try to pray in ways you are unable to’. In personal prayer the most important thing is not what we do, but whether we truly stand before God here and now. Sometimes it is one great battle for time, about the here and now before God.
The tears mentioned by St. Benedict refer to the old tradition of ‘prayers of tears’. By this are not meant tears of self-pity, tears of despair, nor even more of anger or resentment. The tears that appear in true prayer are – a reaction of the heart to the enormity of God’s goodness, which encompasses us in spite of our sins and weaknesses. A real transformation and cleansing then, takes place in the heart. Such tears become surely the best evidence of a true meeting with God.


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