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A true love for the exterior silence of the lips is a sign
of a silent, purified, disciplined heart which knows now to
listen interiorly to the Word. The virginal silence of the
heart is a loving adoration of the Will of the Divine Bridegroom,
it is a freedom from all arguing with Him, it is purity
from all resistance to His divine Purposes. We must
not fight against the Father who ‘works even till now.’
One must commit self totally to the Word to be led by his
Holy Spirit.
How often even religious, unwilling to pay the cost of
generous response to the Word and Spirit of God, seek
distractions from his urgent voice in a variety of ways.
When one is not generous in following the higher inspirations
of God which are always exacting, always requiring
a new self-giving-gradually these inspirations become
fewer and one fills in the void with a ceaseless round of
activity which masquerade as an apostolate. Lack of
love of silence and recollection could really be a fear of
the sacrifices which docility to the Holy Spirit entails. We
can be afraid to be recollected because in the silence of
the heart the Lord asks heroic things. Ours is an exacting
God for He is the God of love. True love is always exacting;
it requires nothing less than the total gift of self. The
one who has heard these invitations of divine love and has
rejected them, begins to avoid silence and prayer; and unable
to admit this infidelity to the higher requirements of
the Divine Spouse, we put a false show of service to God,
becoming busy about many things rather than the one
thing necessary.
Some of us are perpetually fighting the Lord. Every
time He asks us to do something, we try to talk Him out of
it, rationalizing our conscience out of it. We know better
than He what should be done, We have no simplicity of
heart, for silently seeking Him alone.
Or the Divine Word sends us some trial in which His
will is manifest. But by the voice of our complaints and
resistance again we put to silence the word of divine grace
which was hidden in the trial, we drown out the message
of redemptive love which was asking us to endure this
trial for our own purification or the salvation of neighbor.

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