Transubstantiation – Fr. John Hardon,S.J. – Language and understanding the Real Presence

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Transubstantiation – Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. (MP3 File)
In listening to this wonderful teaching – what stood out
to me at first was what Father says about the English
language being permeated with Protestantism.
This makes another case for the language of the
Sacred Liturgy being the language of the Church. Latin.

Of course, the teaching here on Transubstantiation is essential and is beautiful. The message hidden behind the obvious here is that the Liturgy has been permeated by the Protestant spirit and has formed many in non – Catholic understanding of the Mass precisely through the English language.A restoration of Latin in the Sacred Liturgy and a return to learning Latin and being able to learn the Faith as it has been passed down will restore the correct understanding of the Catholic Faith, in particular of the Real Presence.This is not to say that we should not hear the Readings of the Mass in English, but we ought to value the translations which are closest to the Latin and not seek to erode the faith further by implimenting empty, vague, coarse,common, street language as the language used in the prayers of the Sacred Liturgy. These words are unable to convey the truths in their full meaning. We can see the the results all around us of this. We should not support efforts to make the problem worse. It is a spirit of Protestantism denying the Catholic Faith.

What exactly is the abomination of desolation in our time?

a note
Father is speaking to the Sisters of Charity and mentions Islam.
Father also says the word “Islam” means surrender. Total surrender to the will of Allah.

Transubstantiation – Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. (MP3 File)

source: Sonitus Sanctus

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