To all His faithful souls, God promises a glorious victory over the powers of the world and of hell.- Abandonment to Divine Providence

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I shall no longer count the times and the

manner of your approach, my beloved.
YOU will always be welcome.
It seems to me, dear Will of God,
that you have revealed to me your greatness
and there is now no longer anything I can do
outside its embrace, which is the same
yesterday,tomorrow and forever…
I shall no longer go begging, as it were,
from door to door for food for my soul,
nor shall I seek anything at all from
any created being or thing.
Dear Lord, I mean to live so that
I may honor you
as the son (daughter) of a father who is
infinitely wise, good, and powerful.
I intend to live according to my beliefs;
and, as your will governs all things at all times
and is always for my benefit,
I will live on this vast income,
which can never fail,
is always present and always available
to do me the greatest possible good.
Is there any creature whose works can equal
those performed by GOD?
Since his uncreated hands do everything for me,
why should I run about seeking help from
ignorant, helpless creatures
who have no real affection for me?
I should die of thirst if I rushed
from fountain to fountain,
from stream to stream
when by my side
is an immeasurable stretch of water
poured out by your hand.
Where else do I need to look?
You give me bread to feed me,
soap to cleanse me,
fire to purify me,
and a chisel to shape my human form
into one worthy of heaven.
You give me everything I need.

– p 53-53 Abandonment to Divine Providence
Fr. Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S.J.
translation by John Beevers


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