From whence shall come my help? My help is in the Name of the Lord, the Lord who made heaven and earth. The Word through Whom all things created were created. God is Love. The Holy Spirit is the Soul of the Church and the Fire of Divine Love. Love is stronger than death.There is no snatching out of the Father’s hand.

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32. How does the Holy Ghost show His love for us?
The Holy Ghost shows His love for us by making us holy and pleasing to God.

33. How does the Holy Ghost make us holy?
The Holy Ghost makes us holy by giving us sanctifying grace.

34. What does sanctifying grace do?
Sanctifying grace makes our soul glow with God’s holiness.

35. How long does sanctifying grace remain in the soul?
Sanctifying grace remains in the soul until we commit mortal sin.

36. What other grace does the Holy Ghost give us?
The Holy Ghost also gives us actual grace.

37. What is actual grace?
Actual grace is a help of the Holy Ghost to avoid evil and to do good.

38. How can we gain sanctifying grace?
We can gain sanctifying grace:
1. By prayer.
2. By good works.
3. By belonging to the Catholic Church.
4. Through the Sacrifice of the Mass.
5. By receiving the Sacraments.

39. What is prayer?
Prayer is speaking lovingly to God.

40. What is a good work?
A good work is anything good done for the love of God.

41. Why did our Lord establish the Catholic Church?
Our Lord established the Catholic Church to teach, govern, and save all men.

42. Who watches over the Catholic Church?
The Holy Ghost watches over the Catholic Church.

43. What is the Sacrifice of the Mass?
The Sacrifice of the Mass is the continuation of the Sacrifice of the Cross.

44. How should we assist at Mass?
We should assist at Mass with attention and piety.


source: Penny Catechism

Catholic Children’s Prayers


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