Desire above all the Spirit of God and His holy Operation – Rule of the Friars Minor given November 29, 1223 A. D.

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Chpt 10 of the Rule 1223

Indeed I admonish and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ,
that the friars are to beware of all pride, vain glory,
envy, avarice, care and solicitude for this world,
detraction and murmuring,

and let those who are ignorant of letters
not care to learn them; but let them strive,
so that above all things they should desire
to have the Spirit of the Lord and His holy operation,
to pray always to Him with a pure heart

and to be humble,
 patient in persecution and infirmity
and to love those who persecute
and correct and accuse us,
because the Lord says, “Love your enemies,
pray for those who persecute and calumniate you” (Mt. 5:44).

“Blessed are those who suffer persecution for justice’s sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 5:10).
“He who has persevered until the end, however, will be saved” (Mt. 10:22).

Deo Gratias. Holy Father Francis,pray for us.
also found (1) Augustine Throught the Ages by A. Fitzgerald – Section on Grace p. 391F
The term gratia is prinicipally applied by Augustine to refer to that divine operation in angels and humans through which they are moved to know and to love God.
Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia

source:EWTN document library

Pope Honorius III
The Bull on the Rule of the Friars Minor given November 29, 1223 A. D.



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