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We shall only be pleasing to the Eternal Father – if He recognises in us the features of His Son – Bl. Columba Marmion

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From the writings of Dom Columba (Joseph) Marmion OSB,
1858-1923, beatified 3 Sept 2000
“As everything in Jesus Christ can be summed
up in His Divine Sonship, so everything in the
Christian can be summed up in his participation
of this sonship, by Jesus Christ, through Jesus Christ.
Our holiness is nothing else but this:
the more we participate in the Divine life
through the communication Jesus Christ makes to us
of the grace of which He ever possesses the fullness,
the higher is the degree of our holiness.

Christ is not only holy in Himself: He is our holiness.

All the holiness God has destined for our souls
has been placed in the Humanity of Christ,
and it is from this source that we must draw.

God wills our holiness.
He wills it because He loves us infinitely,
and we ought to will it with Him.

But we can only be Saints according to
the measure in which the life of Jesus Christ is in us.
We shall only be pleasing to the Eternal Father –
and is not that the whole substance of sanctity:
to be pleasing to God?
– if He recognises in us the features of His Son.
O Holy Spirit, infinite Love,
proceeding from the Father and the Son,
give me the spirit of adoption;
teach me to act always as a true child of God.
Abide in me, grant that I may abide in Thee
so that I may love as thou lovest.
I am nothing without Thee.
Fill me with Thy love
so that I may remain united through Thee
to the Father and the Son!”
(from: Christ the Life of the Soul)
“You are powerful enough, O my God,
to make a saint of me, in spite of my faults and weaknesses.
I believe this, because You can work this miracle of mercy,
and Your mercy is infinite.”
(Bl Marmion – Private notes)

***see also

True Devotion to Mary- online

34. God the Holy Spirit wishes to fashion his
chosen ones in and through Mary. He tells her,
“My well-beloved, my spouse, let all your virtues
take root in my chosen ones that they may grow
from strength to strength and from grace to grace.
When you were living on earth, practising the most
sublime virtues, I was so pleased with you that I
still desire to find you on earth without your ceasing
to be in heaven. Reproduce yourself then in my
chosen ones, so that I may have the joy of seeing
in them the roots of your invincible faith,
profound humility, total mortification,
sublime prayer, ardent charity, your firm hope
and all your virtues. You are always my spouse,
as faithful, pure, and fruitful as ever.
May your faith give me believers;
your purity, virgins;
your fruitfulness, elect and living temples.”
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