What are those in the M.M.P. to do?

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What does she say this cohort must do?
a) They must be ready . . .
− To obey my orders, because I will soon call them, and they must be ready to respond, ready to be used by me for the ultimate defense of my Son, of me, of the Gospel and of the Church.
They will be the salt in a world which is completely corrupt and a shining light in the darkness which will have enveloped everything.
− To fight, because my Adversary will set loose his army upon them, and he will pursue them with vehemence in a frightful battle. They will be ridiculed, despised, persecuted, and some will even be killed.
But I will always be with them, and will protect and defend them, and will console them, wiping away every tear as only a Mother knows how.
− To defend the Pope, who is already so very much alone in carrying the cross of the Church; there will even be a time at which, like Jesus on the way to Calvary, he will be as though abandoned by everyone.
Then these sons of mine will be his comfort and his defense, and together with me they will be victorious in the greatest battle of the Church.
For the present, my beloved sons, pray, love one another, be as little children. Let yourselves be formed and guided by me alone.” (17i-o, Sept. 23, 1973) b) They must restore the sacred image of her son Jesus in the souls of all her children.
“…the Movement of my priests…is desired by me to make reparation for the immense harm caused in souls by atheism, to restore in so many desecrated hearts the image of God, the merciful countenance of my Son Jesus.
My priests are my restorers; they will restore in so many souls the face of God, and thus they will bring back many of my children from death to life. (…)
The priests of my Movement must restore purity in souls and fight firmly against the Demon of Lust in all its manifestations.
They must combat styles that are more and more indecent and provocative; they must combat the press that publicizes evil and entertainment which ruins morals. They must struggle against the prevalent mentality that legitimizes and justifies everything, and against current morality that permits everything. (…)
I want it to be the Movement of my priests which will bring back the fragrance of purity to the world: for it is only on the billow of this perfume that my Son Jesus will once again become the King of hearts and of souls.” ( Oct. 16, 1973


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