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I found this:

A new rite forms during Mass called the dismissal of children, when the priest has to don his best pied piper voice and invite all the children in the audience (let’s not really call it a congregation) to come up front. This takes about 5 minutes. Then he may or may not choose to interact with them with all the ensuing hilarity of the little darlings saying the cutest things. (Wasn’t it W.C. Fields who said to never work with children? Smart man.) Then we have the oh-so-cutesy exit music for them because like all good modern parishes we have cover music for everything. Those parents who decide they want to keep their kids in sight and in Mass are then glared at by the tolerant/intolerant progressives because how dare they contaminate the purity of our adult gathering with children. Don’t they know when their kids are to be dismissed? Why won’t they send their children to our friendly re-education camps? The Liturgy of the Word must be sterile and devoid of children, just like our homes and marriages. Don’t remind us of life as we listen to the Word of God. The whole sad episode takes 5 or more minutes and completely breaks any kind of solemnity or prayerful attitude that might have been built up – but hey, we never really needed that anyway, this is a modern celebration of the Eucharist! We’re all meant to be happy (and childless)!8

You should read the whole article.

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