Faustinum Member on Prayer for the Dying – chaplet of Divine Mercy

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The Power of Prayer

Nearly 10 years have passed since my husband’s recovery from cancer. The children have all finished school and started their own families. And I found my way first to Faustinum, where I follow the formation, and then to ministering in a hospice. I am a non-medical volunteer who ministers to the terminally ill. As we are all very well aware, a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist, even a physiotherapist, or a priest all have a concrete task to perform. Whereas a volunteer is someone who is a sort of handyman: he (or she) cooks, cleans, washes the patient, changes the sheets, does the laundry, takes the dog out for a walk, that is, if the patient happens to have one. But above all, his task is to pray.

I can only say that the power of prayer to the Merciful Jesus is immense. Let me give you just one example. On my housing estate there was a single man suffering from cancer; he lived in the next block of apartments. I had to go over to his place in the evening to wash him, change him, and put him to bed. When I was going there for the first time, I remember being warned: not to even mention God in the man’s presence. But everyday, before I went to visit the man, I always said the chaplet of Divine Mercy. The days passed without saying anything about God. After some time, I had to resign from ministering to this man. Someone else took over my duties. In spite of having stopped visiting the man, I continued to pray for him. Two months later, I met a colleague of mine who informed me that in the last few weeks of his life, the elderly man had changed considerably; after years of not going to holy confession, he finally confessed his sins, he then received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, and finally died reconciled with God. And he was a staunch communist. The prayer to Divine Mercy has the power to transform even such people

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