In full expectation of His power in spite of the burden of my sins I believe with unquenchable hope…

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Gregory of Narek (c.944-1010),
Armenian monk and poet Lamentations of Narek, Elegy 12,1 (SC 78, p.102 rev.)

“Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.”
«Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved»
(Jl 3,5; Rom 10,13).

But I, I do not just call on him: above all else I believe in his greatness.
Not for his gifts do I persevere in my pleading,
but because he is true Life and in him I breathe.
Without him there is neither movement nor advance.
Not so much by the bonds of hope but by the bonds of love
am I drawn.Not for the gifts but for the Giver
do I long.It is not glory that I am reaching out for
but the glorified Lord whom I desire to embrace.
The thirst for life is not what is consuming me
but the remembrance of him who gives life.
The desire for happiness is not why I am sighing,
why I break into sobs from the depths of my heart,
but from the desire for him who prepares it.
It is not for rest I am seeking but for the face of him
who will pacify my suppliant heart.
I am pining, not for the wedding feast,
but because of my desire for the Bridegroom.
In sure expectation of his power
in spite of the burden of my sins,
I believe with unquenchable hope,
while entrusting myself into the hands of the Almighty,
that I shall not simply gain forgiveness
but will see him face to face
thanks to his mercy and pity,
and though I fully deserve to be banished,
I shall come into possession of heaven.

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