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“To Jesus Through Mary”
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When offering the traditional Mass for those
who may be assisting for the first time,

Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ
distributes a short text which explains
what the old rite expects of the laity.
The text is a powerful meditation
on the redemptive work of Our Lord and Our Lady
and is fitting reading for all who wish to
unite themselves with ‘the Passion of the Christ’.
For some of you, this may be the first time you
have come to a Mass in the old Latin rite,
and you may be wondering what you are meant to do.
You may be wishing you could at least come up to
the sanctuary with the offertory procession,
if not give one of the readings
or even help with Holy Communion.
But you are not going to be allowed to do anything.
You have just got to sit there.
Or maybe kneel or stand.
But you cannot do anything.
However, I will try to show you
that there is indeed something you can do,
something indeed you are meant to do,
and something which will make you
very like Our Lady on Calvary.
On Calvary she also must have felt frustrated.
She would have given anything to have been allowed to
brush the flies from her Son’s face.
Or moisten his lips with a damp sponge.
Or even kiss his feet.
But the soldiers were there on crowd control duty.
Their job was to keep people away from the men on the crosses.
And so our Blessed Lady could only stand there in silence.
And she prayed.
She and her Divine Son were the only ones
who knew what was actually happening.
She knew that He was the world’s Redeemer.
She knew that He was offering a Sacrifice,
the Sacrifice.
He was offering the Sacrifice
that would once more open to us
the gates of Heaven.
Being God as well as Man,
the price He was paying for our salvation
was of infinite worth.
Though our sins are great and innumerable,
they must always be
quite outweighed by this
ransom of infinite worth.
So she joined with Him
in offering this sacrifice to the Father.
And loving Him as she did,
she united her own suffering heart
to His divine Heart.
She offered herself in union with Him,
immolating her heart on the altar of her love.
So in this Mass, try to be like Our Lady on Calvary.
Our Lord told us that we have all to be
like little children if we wish to have
the right approach to salvation.
And little children look to their mother to learn what to do.
In this Mass, look at Our Lady,
and try to do what she did on Calvary.
Offer Jesus to the Father, as she is doing.
And offer yourself in union with Him.
Words are not needed.
You do not need to do anything, outwardly.
But inwardly you need to do much.
You need to be “actively engaged”, as Vatican II says,
trying to be like Mary on Calvary,
your heart filled with love,
offering the Divine Victim on the altar to the Father,
and offering yourself to God in union with Him.
[Taken from the Latin Mass Society’s May 2004 Newsletter.]
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