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Victim souls: a perspective from Lourdes bloggingLOURDES
Père Georges David Byers, Chapelain des Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes
The Immaculate Conception is the victim soul par excellence. She had no dark nights of the senses or soul to go through, for she never had any effects of original sin or personal sin. However, by her very purity, her clarity of vision, her perfect love of God, of her Divine Son, and of the many, she witnessed the infinite gulf between God’s charity and our need. This occasioned in her the knowledge of the way she would be if she were without grace. To know this, she only had to look at her Son on the Cross. Although sinless, immaculate from the first moment of her conception, she knew that that grace only came about because of what Christ was doing on the Cross. Her sorrow was perfect. Her heart was pierced by a sword of sorrow. She saw all the sins of all men of all time in looking upon her Son of the Cross, but she also knew what she would be like. Because of this, she also knew how to thank God perfectly, how to intercede for us perfectly, as our coredemptrix. She’s not our Redeemer, but her intercession matches the grace of redemption perfectly. In this way, ever so simple, so full of love, she is our Mediatrix of all graces as she stood under the grace.

Pledge prayers by poll for the intentions of the Holy Father (closes LATE 11 February 2009)

Ideas for the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Vigneron on LiturgyFr.Rob Johansen – Thrown Down “The single greatest problem is the tendency to turn the Liturgy into a focus on the self, rather than on God. Archbishop Vigneron believes these tendencies are misguided, because they “obscure the Christological and Trinitarian focus inherent in liturgy.”

“Liturgy”, he says, “is not entertainment, it is not self-validated. Liturgy is the experience of heaven, not something that happens to me in some sort of emotional-personal state.”
Suffering from chronic lack of hope – Fr. Bill Bellrose, CPM – Seminarians for Life
Bishop Juan Antonio Martinez Camino, warned (this week) that European society “has made science almighty, it has made progress a substitute for salvation and suffers a chronic lack of hope, where the culture of death gains ground everyday on the culture of life.”

On Sickness and God’s Healing Love “We Are Made for Life”– Zenit

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